Shawill Two-Way Eyebrow Cake Review

Product review: Shawill Two-Way Eyebrow Cake.

How I came by it:

A month ago, I was strolling through Watsons to look for a mascara and there was this sales lady who offered to give me a makeover using Shawill products.

I was kind of hesitant at first since I had my own (full) make-up on and personally, I just didn’t trust strangers touching my face. Also, Shawill wasn’t a brand that I’m familiar of BUT I haven’t had a makeover done before in the mall and I had enough time on my hands so I agreed to having her redo my makeup. ☺

Experiment time!

She used this for my eyebrows and it was so good because it stayed on my brows for a good 6-7 hours and it wasn’t messy. You could say I’m happy that I had that make over. This is such a great find. Inexpensive too.

Trivia: Shawill is a Philippine-based company with their ingredients coming from Italy.

Eyebrow Cake

Shawill Two-Way Eyebrow Cake | Shade 002 | 3.7grams | P128.00 | Watson’s

Shade: 002

(If you think this is too dark they have another lighter than this shade)

Weight: 3.7 g

Ingredients: Ingredients: Talc,Mica,Biotite,Titanum Dioxide,Magnesium Stearate,Polymethyl Methacrylate,Squalane,Isopropyl Palmitate,Iron Dioxides,MethylParaben,Propylparaben

Price: P128.00

Texture: Rich, Creamy

Staying power: 6-8 hours

Precision: 4.5/5

Other Pros: It’s not messy. I like applying it dry. If you know how to use the brush and not just rub it in, the finish looks clean and matte. and there’s no need to put on a brow mascara after. More natural look than drawing your eyebrows in with a pencil.

Cons: Packaging isn’t anything that looks special and the brush is sturdy but too small.

Will I buy it again? Yes.