The Face Shop: Freshian Volumizing Mascara Review

I have been a fan of waterproof mascaras all my life because I have always wanted everything to be in place without worries of lines going down my face if it rains or when your tear ducts go ballistic and start pouring out emotions.

But tonight, I left my makeup kit at home and stayed with my best friend before coming to work tonight. We ran through her make up kit and with her being a cosplayer, she had so many interesting stuff that got me going… “ooh… what’s this?”..”and this?” … “and this?… ☺

One of the things that caught my eye was this mascara:


Freshian Volumizing Mascara by The Face Shop

I have researched about The Face Shop before as it confused me whether it’s a line from The Body Shop. But it turned out it wasn’t. The Face Shop is from Korea while The Body Shop started from the US.

…. And since I’ve never used any of their products before, I felt the strong urge (lol) to try their Freshian Volumizing Mascara. and boom ! —-

—- Vamped up lashes, hunykins! ♥ ♥ ♥


(Sorry for the dark circle under my eyes, I’ve been working (late) on a lot of things lately. xoxo)

Anyhow, although I didn’t put much effort into curling my lashes, I immediately saw how this mascara gave “Ooomph” to my short lashes. It did look like I was wearing some falsies.

Pros: This was just too perfect for those days that you would want to go for after that big-eyed look.

Or those nights where you wanna pull off those smokey eyes. Yeah. Definitely *this* for that added drama.

I was joking with my bestfriend that this mascara isn’t for those cutesy “meow-meow” nights but for those “purrrrrrrrr…….♥” and “rawrrrr” nights.

And this definitely and -instantaneously- puts you in the mood to vamp up the rest of your eyes — and the rest of your clothes too.

One coat is “ooh-lala”… Two coats are like… Imma say it again… “RAWR!”

So I read a few pros about non-waterproof mascaras – they are, in general, not clumpy or too hard to remove so most people would recommend this type as your everyday mascara. Also, I’ve read from somewhere that our everyday masscara should NOT be waterproof.

This product also has no sting. no scent. and it dried clean and quick.

Just that black, eye-defining, lengthening and volumizing effect. 

Cons: This mascara is not waterproof. Yes, it can smudge and run down. So you might want to wear this on days where you are definitely sure that no water can damage your beautiful mascara. Definitely not for dramatic days like graduation, special dates (i.e when you feel like he’s going to propose! ha! 😀 ) or weddings. ♥♥♥

So I have been wearing this for 5 hours now. 😀 and nope, it hasn’t smudged yet. Probably because I’m in an air-conditioned office too. But none-the-less, I will get one of these! Effect is so good it actually wins over my smudge- and waterproof Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara. But I’m still keeping my Maybelline for those days. ☺