Beauty on a Budget: Maxipeel Concealing Cream– The Matte-finish, No Make-up-Look Make-up Base with SPF 20

Anybody would kill for a whitening, mattifying make-up base that conceals scars, flaking and blemishes and has SPF. I could think of top brands that cost more P1000 but here’s something new – all these benefits for less than P100. (Sorry, I forgot how much it costs. XD)

How I came across Maxipeel Concealing Cream:

At first I thought that Maxipeel isn’t a brand that I would want to get into since this brand is known for their strong astringents (Maxipeel 1, 2, and 3) that are used to peel off skin (but on the process,the skin gets burned by the sun and one ends up with darkened, burnt skin).

However, they’ve managed to become a Megabrand in 2008 which meant that their sales have reached the P1 Billion benchmark – now that should say a lot about the trust that Filipinas give them.

Moving on, I came across this product last year while i was living with my older cousin. She recommended it and told me that her acne scars lightened with the daily use of this product. As I read through the product’s label, I learned that it has SPF20 and claims whitening benefits. So I tried it.

MaxiPeel Concealing Cream - fair

Consistency: Thin

Color: Light Brow, with a yellowish undertone, easily blendable.

Coverage: Low, can conceal eye bags and help lighten scars but can’t hide reddish zits or heavy acne scars.

As  a make-up base: I tried putting this on and putting BB cream on top of it. But let your skin absorb this product first as it tends to form clumps under the BB cream.

Whitening benefits:  The product instantaneously lightens your skin tone and I haven’t used this solely for weeks to know if it can significantly provide skin whitening. It does promise an improvement on your skin tone in an early as 7 days.

Final Verdict: I’d classify this as make-up-on-the-go. Like a 5-minute make-up routine. This would probably be something that I’d put on early in the morning (gotta love the SPF bonus!) if I was running really late for work or school, just to even out my skin tone. Then I’d probably just dab on a lip and cheek tint on my lips and apples and that’s it – school/work ready.

Under regular circumstances, I’d still prefer my BB cream. I’m a fan. 🙂

Also, since the consistency is thin, it doesn’t feel heavy on the face and after putting this on, you’d look like you’re just mattified with this really fresh, no-make-up look. Perfect for those beach getaways too.

Also, I’ve been thinking, I guess if I were a boy and I would want light make-up, this will be my go-to-product. This product is also perfect for those who do not like or isn’t comfortable wearing a face full of make-up.

If you want to try this product, they have a sachet version of this which could last you a good 7-10 days. Please let me know what you think if you did try. Just hit Comment below. 🙂

NOTE: They’ve changed the packaging already. I just don’t have the picture of the new packaging with me now. Peace out. xoxo